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Every major architectural movement has been accompanied by huge demand for sculptures of all kinds.Another early type of Stone Age sculpture are the miniature obese figurines called Venuses: such as the Venuses of Willendorf, Kostenky, Monpazier, Dolni Vestonice, Moravany, Brassempouy, and Gagarino.

In short, prosperous and ambitious communities were good for sculpture.

Following the flowering of architecture and other arts in Egypt, the Levant also witnessed the rise of the Minoan culture on the island of Crete, which was noted for its sculpture and metalwork.

In any event, for all these reasons, the history of sculpture is closely linked with the politics, technology and financial prosperity of society.

Above all, its history is inextricably related to architecture, the parent art whose structures form such an important home for decorative sculptural works.

Classical Greek Sculpture (c.500-323 BCE) Divided into the Early Classical Period, High Classical Period and Late Classical Period, this was the high point of Greek creativity.