dating agencies in cork - Updating internet explorer 6

First make sure we’ve grabbed the original file that we created when we configured Tracking Protection and copied it somewhere (network share, or local to the machine).Using App Sense, we can easily fire up a File Copy Action to handle this So now we’ve got the files and Registry entries in place, we just need to make sure that the user can’t mess with the add-ons.

Then click on Get a Tracking Protection List Online, and from the web page that appears, select one (Easy List Standard at the top being the one Ad Block Plus uses, and the one I’d recommend).

Click on Add List from the dialog box, and you’re done (although you may have to close the Manage Add-ons dialog and reopen it before you see it added in there).

You’ve never had a truly satisfying day at work unless you’ve broken out a bit of Process Monitor 🙂 Log on, fire up IE11, and then click on the Tools icon in the top right (the “gear” icon that for some reason brings back shades of Resident Evil to me).

Select Manage Add-Ons from the resultant menu, and click on Tracking Protection in the list of Add-On Types.

You can use the same list as Ad-Block Plus (the Easy List, which is the one we’ll use), so if you are using Firefox or Chrome with ABP you can configure the same level of protection for Internet Explorer using the built-in tools.