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Meghan Markle made her royal debut in Nottingham today with fiancé Prince Harry and the outing was seamless.

She arrived confidently which was perhaps helped along by her sophisticated outfit that we are sure any Royal Family member would approve of, even the Queen!

She explains that this differs from when he pats his stomach, which he did on Monday, which is often a sign of his anxiety.'When he keeps it a chest level, that’s more of an old fashioned love symbol,' Judi says.

'That's not an anxiety gesture.'Meghan was seen greeting well-wishers separately from Harry during her first walkabout, as well as together with her husband-to-be.

He works with her and works apart.' While there was more of an even balance between Meghan and Harry in terms of confidence levels, Judi did note something rather 'maternal' about the actress's body language.