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She appealed to Innocent III to save the Sicilian throne for her child.The pope made use of this opportunity to reassert papal suzerainty over Sicily, and acknowledged Frederick II as king only after Constance had surrendered certain privileges contained in the so-called Four Chapters, which William I had previously extorted from Adrian IV.

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First he sent two cardinal legates to Markwuld to demand the restoration of the Romagna and the Church.

Upon his evasive answer he was excommunicated by the legates and driven away by the papal troops.

It shows the protagonists of the battle and names them in script and records the point in the battle when the River Ern was crossed.

The rebels’ are depicted as a disorganized hoard and the draughtsman has included such details as discarded bagpipes among their ranks.

Beleeck is noted for its rich stocks of eel and salmon and this is perhaps reflected by the fish in the bottom left corner which holds an eel in its mouth.