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Added code to look for Location parameter in the connection string if Initial Catalog is not provided (fix for SAP Power Builder). The PGNP Profiler can now inject itself to a remote computer and collect execution trace.

Added name of the currently selected log to the PGNP Profiler title.

Fixed bug in processing identifiers in double quotes containing dots.

Fixed bug in TRIM function handling resulting in syntax error.

Added connection string parameter REFRESH_META, and the "auto-refresh" feature for the internal metadata cache.

Profiler: fixed bug - could not open file as command line parameter. Fixed bugs in handling WITH ORDINALITY clause, and in handling array indexes. For example, previously did not determine the column type from SELECT ('123')::int. Added support for SET parameters in the Extended Properties.

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    For service to the community in the area of taxation administration and reform through innovative approaches to the design and implementation of new policies and operations. For service to conservation and the environment through management of the environmental, heritage and economic sustainability issues affecting the Great Barrier Reef, and to the NSW Parliament, particularly in the areas of child welfare and education. For service to business and commerce, particularly the mining and travel sectors, and to the community through a range of church, social welfare, musical and educational organisations.

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    The neurons that give rise to nerves do not lie entirely within the nerves themselves—their cell bodies reside within the brain, spinal cord, or peripheral ganglia Glial cells (named from the Greek for "glue") are non-neuronal cells that provide support and nutrition, maintain homeostasis, form myelin, and participate in signal transmission in the nervous system.

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    The risk level determines how much information can be provided to the community.

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