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though I've always thought sleeping on moonlight nights a waste of time . The sky will turn to coral and the robins will be strutting around . But the moonlight could not hide that she was something stouter than in years agone . but I'm going to wake early to see the first faint morning light steal over the Haunted Wood. perhaps a little grey sparrow will light on the windowsill . Lynde sadly, as she waddled downstairs, feeling secretly relieved that there need be no more talk about the moon. And there did not any longer seem to be much use in hoping she would outgrow it. Even in the moonlight you saw that her hair was still black and her cheeks rosy and her eyes bright. and Diana had never been what Avonlea folks called "skinny." "Don't worry, darling . always set their affections too much on earthly things.

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and there'll be gold and purple pansies to look at . ." "But the rabbits has et up all the June lily bed," said Mrs.

I feel I haven't seen half enough of you and now you're going back day after tomorrow.

He could have had so many nice girls.' Perhaps that's why I've never liked her .

"And the first time she saw me after I was married she said, 'It's so strange Gilbert picked you. and I know Gilbert doesn't either, though he's too clannish to admit it." "Will Gilbert be staying up long?

But I've always said and always will say that there's nobody like you." "Ah, but this mirror can't be tricked, Mrs. It's telling me plainly, 'You're not as young as you once were,'" said Anne whimsically.