Online dating site used for blackmail boy

Author's Note: Welcome to my Valentine's Day contest entry.

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Aware that her being alone was fueling my taboo fantasies-as if I could somehow be there for her in that way-I tried to push her, telling her she was too young, sweet and beautiful to be by herself.

Finally, and probably to get me to shut up, mom said she joined an online dating site and supposedly was talking to some guys through it.

I moaned softly as my cock became slick with my precum and thought of my last "conversation" with Debra.

She had described how she wanted to take me so deep in her mouth she would gag and drool all over her 'son's' cock then lick up every drop of it.

I only half believed her, but then again she was spending a lot of time in her room online at night so maybe she was chatting.