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They are targeting elderly women, and women from other countries.

DO NOT give them personal information DO NOT send them money REPORT AND BLOCK them We at Stolen Valor DO NOT have a way to find them and make them pay for scamming you. If you encounter one of these jerks-- REPORT AND BLOCK them Trust your instincts, they get thousands of dollars from nice, unsuspecting people-- and they'll continue to scam until folks stop sending them money.

Please SHARE this post-- the more people who are informed, the fewer victims we'll have.

There are several red flags we look for, and we have saved literally hundreds of women from sending these scammers money.

We get more than a dozen of these emails from women daily, mostly older women who believe they are truly American Soldiers.

I do not know for how long I will remain here in the hospital as I have been lucky to survive 3 suicide bomb attacks by Afghanistan Taliban Militants; i know this was Pure Divine intervention from God for me to be alive till this moment.

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    The writings of the Apostolic Fathers (first and second centuries CE) give a rich and diverse picture of Christian life and thought in the period immediately after New Testament times.