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This is a great feature and one of the key benefits of using a mind mapping app instead of mind mapping on paper.A digital mind map is much more flexible and gives you many more options in terms of layout.

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The advantage of mind mapping is that it allows you to make connections you might not normally see in a traditional outline by allowing you to see the big picture.

Brett Terpstra encapsulates this perfectly: To create a mind map, you typically start with a central concept or subject in the middle of a blank page.

When you add child nodes, the application uses a smart layout feature to automatically rearrange your nodes so that they’re spaced appropriately and you can still read everything.

(If you prefer to have complete manual control of the layout of your mind map, you can also turn this feature off via the View menu.) As you build your mind map, you’re not just limited to text.

For example, for this article the main topic was “Our Favorite Mind Mapping App.” From there, each category, subtopic, or chapter would get its own “node” branching off from the main topic (i.e. Each of these would be fleshed out with their own set of subtopics, or child nodes (the node that contains the child nodes is called the “parent node”).