Dating pre sell pages

As for the effectiveness of this system, it seems to work best for authors who really beat the bushes and convince people to pre-order a book (not an easy thing to do in these days of instant gratification). I see some bestselling authors working as much as six months out, but my guess is that most authors will find this effective in the last couple of months before the book officially releases.Store orders are great, but a sudden hit of 2000 books on its release day can really grab the attention of people (and of your publisher). In fact, getting people to order in the last 30 days within the book’s release might be your best strategy. and I was just wondering which book is your most favorite.

And how far out is realistic to get a worthwhile response?

Here’s why: If you push everyone you know to pre-order your upcoming book, all those orders go into effect THE DAY OF RELEASE.

First, she received an email from a young fan, who said: it help me get in to all of the books. I was so looking forward to read the second one, I hope it comes out soon. Do you know which book is your favorite book you ever written? I read it almost three times and cryed each time I read it. You have became my new very best friend:)))) Love, your greatest fan.

As Ginger said to me, “Sometimes we get so used to seeing the reviews and the business stuff in publishing, it’s just fun to hear from a young reader who loves the story.” I agree.

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