Dating in islam by dr zakir naik

Syed Babar Ashraf, a leading Indian Sunni Sufi, filed two judicial complaints against Naik "for derogatory comments about different faiths causing communal disharmony by hurting religious sentiments." Understandably, hate speech is illegal in India.

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Nevertheless, after the first session of torture Badawi's punishment was suspended and has not been resumed.

One may speculate that Western outrage at the scourging moved the Saudi authorities to stop it, but the Saudi royals have seldom proven vulnerable to criticism of their denial of human rights, either by Westerners or Muslims.

At the beginning of this year, alarm over Naik's Wahhabi agitation led 10 Indian Sunni and Shia organizations to unite against an appearance by the flamboyant sermonizer at the India Islamic Cultural Centre in New Delhi.

The 10 groups constituted themselves as the "Sufi Voice of India" (SUVOI - Sada-e-Sufia-e-Hind).

And at the beginning of March 2015, King Salman bestowed a prestigious award, the "King Faisal International Prize for Service to Islam" on Zakir Naik.