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Since I wear Hawaiian shirts open over a t-shirt, it's not really an issue for me, but I wanted to point it out to others.

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Cronyocons: As an entire American city swirls down the drain, Crony Number One reassures Crony Number One Hundred, “Brownie, you doin’ a heck of a job.”Words that will ring down the ages as the perfect synthesis of the final, bankrupt moral cul-de-sac down which the Bush Administration has stampeded the GOP.

How your names have influenced your entire thinking pattern.

Bigots are trash, but bigots who stand on Bibles to lace up the lynching noose in the name of God are the very definition of Evil.

site describes as "Slow, simple, supervised” under Employment Options, and another notes, “Generally cannot complete elementary school.” how do you, the busy, career-gal-on-the-go keep track of the various sub-species?

Pointless' presenter performing his favourite songs in a fantastic new stage production that celebrates his love of music and gives a glimpse into a different side of his endearing personality.